Prevent tax leakage on U.S.

US government launches measures to prevent tax leakage
The US government launches an attack on multinational companies acquiring foreign companies to transfer their tax headquarters to other countries with lower taxes.

The secretary of the US Treasury, Jack Lew, announced new regulations that hinder this type of business, called “inversion.”

“It is a first step that will make companies think better about a possible change,” said Lew.

The measures were applauded by President Barack Obama. “In the US, the hard work pays off. The responsibility is rewarded when everyone plays by the same rules,” Obama said.

Measures want to avoid tax evasion: in addition to hinder the “reversal”, the government, acting on the basis of their tax law, meant it got more difficult for multinational companies to access liquidity abroad, but without paying taxes in the US, a technique called “hopscotching”.

Another measure implemented to prevent the escape of multinationals and their rates aimed at hindering the company carried out the “spin-off” (starting a business from an existing group) of foreign subsidiaries.

“These measures will reduce the ability of companies to escape taxes in the US,” said Lew.

Since the beginning of 2013 were signed 13 agreements with value added of $ 178 billion of US companies that have used acquisitions abroad to transfer the seat and pay less tax.

According to the US Treasury, the country lost $ 20 billion due to these leaks companies abroad.

Companies criticize these measures. The United States Chamber of Commerce, business organization in the United States, attacked the standards set by the US government.

The group ranked Obama’s measures as “futile attempts”. “The US tax system is obsolete and the attempt of the Obama administration will do nothing against the tax leakage. The capital goes to where it is valued,” said Chamber of Commerce. (ANSA)

The next step is to prevent tax leakage on online platforms that sell products without paying taxes. Instead of Amazon, Ebay or Udemy* there are many small retailers that don’t pay taxes when selling online. U.S. government launches measures to prevent this tax evasion.

*Udemy is an Online platform that sells courses. The courses are created by instructors from around the world, who build the courses and send them to Udemy that, if  accepted, will be published in getting its platform available for a price specified by the instructor. Examples of Udemy courses are: Selling Websites on Flippa or How to Create a Successful Kindle Business on Amazon! (free course).

How Many Women are in Congress Today

The number of women in Congress reached a record high, but is still only 20% of the total, while women are more than 50% of the population. In the Milken Global Conference institute in Los Angeles, they were discussed reasons for this difference in US policy.
In Washington, a record number of women was established in 2013- 101 in both chambers – were elected to the new Congress.

“I believe that women bring a somewhat different perspective,” said Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth (Democrat of Illinois) to New York Times. According to Mrs Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat of Hawaii), the Congress, regardless of their party affiliation, “will cross more partisan border. We are much more pragmatic, although we come from many different backgrounds. ”
“What I think, with all due respect to our fellow men is that women tend to have a much more collaborative style,” said Senator Susan Collins (Republican of Maine) Diane Sawyer of ABC News.
“I always reject the idea that there are ‘women’s issues’,” said Susan. “For all questions, of war to taxes and education, affect women of this country. And why it is so important that women are represented in all committees and lead some of them. ”
With the opening of the 113th Congress on January 3, 20 women took the oath marking the office on Senate and 81 in the House of Representatives.
“I can say that it is a group willing to work,” said Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Maryland) referring to the Democratic and Republican senators after the inauguration. “Today, we are ready to represent a force in American politics.”
Mikulski is the first woman to chair the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee. She is also a senator with longer acting and the woman more time of work in the history of the US Congress, having been first elected in 1976.
US senators serve six-year terms in and the deputies in two-year terms. Each state has two senators, while the number of seats is proportional to the size of the state’s population.
A state, New Hampshire, now has a fully formed by women delegation. The states of California and Washington are represented, each by two women in the Senate. The Nebraska elected its first senator, Republican Deb Fischer.
“It was an historic election,” said Deb. “But what was really fun was the number of mothers and fathers who took their daughters to me during the campaign and said, ‘Can we take a picture?'”.
The 113th Congress is also the most diverse in history. It includes 31 members Latinos, Asian Americans 12 and 7 who are openly gay or bisexual.
Gabbard and Mrs Tammy Duckworth (D-Illinois) became the first war veterans in Congress, after serving in Iraq.
The religious diversity in the US Congress has also been expanded. Senator Mazie Hirono (Democrat of Hawaii) is the first Buddhist senator and Gabbard becomes the first congressman to have adopted Hinduism.
Although the inauguration ceremony was a joyous occasion for lawmakers, Sen. Claire McCaskill (Democrat Missouri), in his second term, told the New York Times: “I think we should not be satisfied until we reach a number of women Senate representing the percentage of women in the population, so we still have a long way to go. ”
Yet women are gaining experience time and occupying important positions in commissions.
Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington) will chair the Senate Budget Committee. Elected to exercise his third term, Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) takes the lead of the Indian Affairs Commission of the Senate. Cantwell also participates in the Financial commissions, Trade and Energy and Natural Resources. Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (Republican of Washington) won a seat on the Appropriations Committee of the House. Fischer, Nebraska, will join the Defence committee, Environment and Public Utilities, Indian Affairs, Small Business and Trade.

But women not only serve in Congress, they are also mothers, and housewives. They do crafts and go to the gym, they go to the beauty salon and have a cup of coffee with friends. They even do their hair with a pyt flat iron. They are not just Women, they are super Women!

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U.S. represses on hiring of illegal immigrants


The Department of Homeland Security provided a new office policy today, imposing penalties on employers who knowingly work with those who can not legitimately operate in the united state

Called the “No-Match” regulation, it provides companies 90 days to confirm a hire’s identity and eligibility to work if a worker’s Social Security number does not match info in the Social Security Administration’s database. Business who do not fire workers who can not provide correct paperwork in that timeframe danger fines as high as $10,000 for each of these employees, if it can be proved that the firms intentionally flouted the law.

This regulation might be troublesome for small businesses, which commonly do not have the human resources personnel and immigration competence to examine files and ensure their authenticity, say some supporters. “They aren’t in the document-review company, and some fraudulent documents look quite genuine,” states Karen Harned, executive director of the National Federation of Independent Companies Legal Foundation, a Washington, D.C. based lobbying group. Sometimes, a staff member’s records may not match the government’s because of a perfectly legal name modification or a clerical mistake, and a business that acts too hastily may wind up on the fast track to a discrimination lawsuit, she includes.

Some business owners say they are being proactive about requesting for correct documentation however fret that these efforts may not be sound.  Jim Balmain, owner of Smith’s Bakeries, which produces $3.5 million every year with 55 employees at 7 areas in Bakersfield, Calif. “However if workers have something phony we can’t catch since it’s a top quality forgery, I do not think we need to be punished. I’m having lunch with my Congressman at the end of the month to discuss it.”.